Pay Attention to a Rott’s Ears –

Watch your Rottweiler’s ears, the ears can tell a lot about how they are feeling. Like a child that can not talk and tell you how they feel, your Rott can’t tell you their ears are causing them discomfort. However, they will give you signs of discomfort if you watch for them.

1. Properly Placed Ear Set

When your puppy is 3-5 months old, they will start loosing their teeth. This is about the time frame when a person might notice one of the Rott’s ears not setting like the other ear. An improperly placed ear lies down. Therefore, not creating a proper ear set.

The ears should not droop down giving a slanted look down the head vs a straighter look.

When a Rottweiler owner sees improper ear set developing, there is a solution. Daily messaging the ear between your thumb and pointer finger keeps the ear from setting incorrectly. This rubbing of the ear should be done for two weeks to produce a proper ear set. Taping is also another alternative to develop a proper ear set.

2. Rotts & Ear Mites

An area of concern for your Rottweiler puppy is ears that itch causing them to scratch their ears and head tilting. If a person sees their Rott scratching or tilting their head, it is a good to examine inside the ear. If a person sees a black residue, this is an indication of ear mites. For an adult dog, this is not a big deal. There is a simple treatment. We treat our adult dogs with Ivermectin 1% solution in each ear. We repeat this for three treatments every other day. Simply squirt the solution in each ear canal and massage deeply for 30 seconds. This should rid your Rotti of this uncomfortable situation. This has proven to be a very effective treatment for us and as a recommendation we suggest you contact your vet prior to any treatment. For a puppy, we highly suggest consulting your vet before treating your Rott. What do ear mites look like?

Caution: You can clean the outer ear canal with rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball. Do NOT rinse the ear canal with water and NO deep canal cleaning with a Q-Tip.

3. Rotts & Ear Infections

One thing my Rotts love to do is run and play in the water. Unfortunately, with stagnant water this may create an ear infection. The Rottweiler with an ear infection will often hold its head sideways or they will shake their head. It appears they are trying to get rid of water in their ear. You will notice there will be no black residue only a red coloration before the ear canal. When you see this, lay your Rott on their side and flush the ear with rubbing alcohol. This may need to be done a couple of times over the next two days. A person should notice a quick recovery in 4-5 days. However, I advice to consult with your trusted vet prior to treatment. Is Rubbing Alcohol Safe to Use on Dogs?

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