1. Schedule a veterinary appointment

To start your Rottweiler puppy care of to a good start, have a vet appointment made before picking your puppy up from Washburn Farms. This way you will have your puppy into the vet a few days after arriving at their new home. We will give you health papers from our veterinary with all the shot records that you will give to your vet.

For the first veterinary visit, do not have your vet give your puppy any vaccinations other than the Parvo (Parvovirus) shot. The reason being is your puppy has been through stress being taken away from the only environment they know. Too much stress on the puppy could result in loose bowels. The extra vaccinations would better serve you and your puppy at a later vet visit. Too much change at once stresses your puppy.

Before taking your puppy into the vet for the first time, call ahead and make sure they have not had any current cases of Parvo in their office. Your puppy will have had one Parvo shot, but is not fully immune from this deadly virus.

As the old saying goes….. an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cute.

2. Limit puppy’s exposure

When considering your Rottweiler puppy care, it helps if you think of your puppy as an infant. Then it is easier to understand the importance of limiting your puppy’s exposure to other people other than your family and other dogs that do not live with you. Taking your puppy out just increases your puppy’s chances of being exposed to something that could result in an unhealthy puppy. This limited exposure should be the standard until your puppy is 16 weeks old and immune from Parvo. When your puppy leaves our facility, this is their first exposure to new environments.

3. Transition your puppy to new food

It is very important not to make sudden changes to your puppy’s diet. We start them on and primarily feed Shebang’s Natural Diet and supplement with a small amount of Wildology. If you plan on using another puppy food, you will transition them slowly to the new food. If a store near you does not sell this brand of food, let us know at the time of pick up and we will send home a bag of food for the transition period. Remember, Rottweiler puppy care starts with gut health. It should take about a week to transition them completely to your new food.

4. Easy on the exercise and activity

When you take home your puppy, they are getting used to their new environment. Depending on the season, most puppies have only been in the birthing area and our sunroom. Puppies will typically play hard and then sleep for long periods. It is not recommended to take a new puppy on long walks. Long walks also expose them to new germs and bacteria. An exhausted puppy is not a healthy puppy.

Climbing large flights of stairs is not good for your Rottweiler puppies growing hips and bones. One or two steps is not a problem, but large flights of stairs multiple times a day is not a good idea. Also, do not let your puppy jump off of the back of a pick up bed or other high places.

5. Feeding schedule

When your puppy is here at Washburn Farms, we allow the to eat at will and have access to food at all times. However, while you are trying to potty train them you might want to feed them three times a day for better control of bowel movements. However, it is very important that you watch and make sure your puppy is eating the first week. Like an infant, it is also a good idea to keep track of bowel movements. This would include making sure they are regular and are not loose bowel movements.

Rottweiler Puppies

6. Bathing your puppy

Your Rottie puppy has a protective oil coat that protects their skin. Bathing frequently can break down this protective coat. If you do have to bath your Rott, we do recommend that you use Dawn soap. Dawn soap is gentle, kills fleas and is not an insecticide.

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