Rottweiler Puppy Shipping

New to Washburn Farms

In the recent past, we have not offered shipping. I am very uncomfortable with packing an eight-week old puppy in a crate and leaving them in an airport to be packed onto an airplane. Therefore, I believe this is too much stress for a puppy that has just been taken from its litter mates and mother. Because of this, we have not offered shipping via airplane. However, the good news is that shipping is now available.

Flying can be traumatic for adult dogs much less an eight-week old puppy. Consequently, we have discovered two brothers that transport dogs all across the United States. These guys are great to work with. Pawtaculis Pet Transportation will give us a rate, care for our dog/puppy and bring the puppy right to your door.

You will be able to track them on GPS as your new family member makes their way to your home. Their number is 850-420-4088. If you buy a puppy from Washburn Farms, we can make the arrangements or you can make them yourselves.

There will be no dealing with massive airlines, getting incorrect information, and the hassle of the airport. Your puppy will arrive to you at your home and will not have experienced the stress of a flight.