A large portions of the families that we have sold a Rottweiler to in the past have been to families that have lost their Rott to cancer. Cancer seems to be be playing a large role in shortening pets’ lives. As a breeder, I have given this matter much thought and internet research as well as talking to multiple veterinarians on this topic.

Source of Cancer in Rottweilers

I have come to three factors that contribute to the cancer in Rottweilers.

  1. Lawn Chemicals
  2. Food Sources
  3. Breeding/Genetics

In this blog, we will be discussing lawn chemicals and Rottweiler health.

Rottweiler Puppies Sniffing in Grass

Lawn chemicals have residual in the soil and a “sniffy” pet gets a dose of the remnants of insecticides and herbicides.

Lawn Chemicals and Your Rott

The other evening on a beautiful summer night, we let our two eleven week old Rotts out to play in the front yard. Primarily, because my wife wanted to get some pictures for this blog. Having an awareness in mind that I wanted to get this blog on the webpage, I was amazed at just how many times the Rotts were sniffing at the yard. In fact, if they didn’t have their nose to the ground sniffing, they were rolling in the grass or fighting over a prize stick that they found in the yard.

What does research say about chemicals in the yard?

Lawn chemicals have residual in the soil and a pet that is constantly sniffing around. This is giving the Rott an unhealthy dose of the remnants from insecticides and herbicides. Pet Md did a study and measured the chemical in a pet’s urine after lawns were treated. Nineteen of twenty-five found chemical residue. As a breeder and coming from an agricultural background, I would recommend reading labels before applying any chemical to your lawn. Therefore, I would also look for natural alternatives to weed killers and insecticides. As a pet owner, it might be time to come to the agreement, that a manicured lawn is not all that important. Consequently, that does not mean your yard has to look bad. It just means to only do what is necessary to maintain your lawn.

As you can see, our house does not lack in landscaping and lawn. We just read labels and make sure all products that we put on are pet safe.

We are located in southern Illinois and we sell puppies in the Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin, Kentucky and occasionally in Iowa. States in this region battle the same weeds and insects as we do. At this time, we are in the process of trying to find more natural alternatives to lawn care. As we find proven winners, we will update this blog with our findings. Until then, read labels and make sure the chemicals your are using are pet safe.

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