Our Rottweiler Breeding Facility

We are located in Olney, Il

As a Rottweiler breeder, it is very important to start with great genetics and a healthy fit adult male and female. Great thought has gone into our parings to produce the best puppy for home placement. We place great emphasis on the personality of our Rottweilers. Brenda and I take great pride in our facility and the quality of our puppies. We welcome prospective buyers to come to our facility and make sure that we are who we say we are. However, the mating of the adult Rottweilers is only the beginning of the process.

We sell a majority of our dogs to the Chicago area. When we start talking to someone about placing a puppy in their home, we highly recommend that they come and visit our facility so they know that we are a quality Rottweiler breeder. We also sell Rottweiler puppies in Indiana, Kentucky, and Wisconsin.

Our Home
A good Rottweiler knows not to get in the flowers.

Rottweiler Breeder – Puppy Birthing Area

When a female Rottweiler is ready to deliver, we bring them in to the garage from the shed/kennel two weeks prior to possible delivery date. We start checking them at night and watching for signs of the onset of labor. Most females will start scratching at the carpet, ripping paper, and other nesting-type activity when the time is getting close. The real sign is when they quit eating. Then we start checking on the female Rott every hour. Consequently, it is not uncommon for one of us to sleep in the twin bed that we have in the garage.

birthing area
It is very rare for a female Rottweiler to give birth during the day. However, we do have cameras set up so we can check on them when we are at work.

Once hard labor starts, two people are needed. One person works with the female Rott and one person to handle the puppies. The birthing process can be anywhere from five to tens hours depending on the size of the litter.

Once the Rottweiler puppies are born, then the work begins. They are in the attached garage and the birthing box will be replaced with a pen as the puppies grow and start to become more mobile. Once the puppies are mobile, the mother of the puppies will spend less and less time in the pen with the puppies.

rottweiler puppy growth
The first two weeks with a Rottweiler puppy are critical. If it is a large litter of nine or so, we will split them into groups of five and four and rotate them in and out. This means we have to call in the help of Kevin’s parents during the day. It takes a village to raise a litter of puppies.

Our Adult Rottweiler Breeding Facilities

As a Rottweiler breeder, we believe in taking excellent care of out breeding adults. Therefore, we have a pen for each dog that is heated in the winter and air conditioned in the heat of the summer. Consequently, they are living the life. Each pen allows the Rott to be in or out.

Rottweiler kennels

A good Rottweiler breeder knows that the health of a dog is important. At Washburn Farms, we believe in keeping our breeding Rotts as healthy as possible. Each Rott is allowed to run the farm area morning and night. This exercise program includes a morning and evening walk.

This is the kennels in the back. The shed is heated and has air conditioning to keep kennel at comfortable temperature in extreme conditions.
Adult Rottweilers are taken on morning and evening walks. Walks are taken in the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

Puppy Socialization