Female Rottweiler Breeders

Our focus is to work with top of the line champion bloodlines with an emphasis on structure and, or course, the eye appeal of amazing head productions.   These standout qualities start with our female Rottweiler breeders.  Our Rott females have great pedigrees and come from a long line of quality. Great pedigrees coupled with excellent family care produce outstanding pets for our families.

Breeding Rottweilers is an art that requires great genetics, a tremendous amount of work and a love for the breed. At Washburn Farms, we continually research genetics and diet to better our genetics and our puppies. When a female Rott comes to our farm, we work with the females to ensure their temperament is as quality as their physical appearance.

Female Breeder – Roxy

Female – Roxy

Rott Female - Roxy
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Roxie is a large female that is was born in 2015. She is a female breeder for us that has an excellent temperament, she is structurally sound and is a wonderful mother. Roxy is a very friendly female that loves attention. Another of Roxy’s strengths is her protective nature. Therefore, she takes great care of her puppies and her family.

When Roxie has a litter of puppies, she milks well and takes excellent care of her puppies. Her puppies are consistently strong from birth and develop as expected. She has produced healthy litters for us for three years. This female Rott also helped us out with a litter that was not her own. She nursed them to four weeks with no reservations. That is when my wife started calling her “Queen Roxy”. lf you have ever had to bottle feed a litter, you understand the title she was given.

Female Rott – Gricka

Female Rott
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Gricka is a female breeder that was born in early 2018. She came to us from Serbia and delivered her first litter in the Spring of 2020. Gricka is a beautiful and structurally sound female. With a strong headset and beautiful coloring of black and mahogany, Gricka has eye appeal. This female is a sister to our Gracie, another female that is listed on this page. She is also a sister to our stud male Giby. Gricka is playful and she loves to get muddy on a rainy day. At Washburn Farms, we really like this bloodline and the offspring have been excellent.

Female Rott – Gracie

Female Breeder Gracie
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Gracie was born in early 2018. She is a sister to Gricka and Giby. She came to us from Serbia as a 12 week old puppy. Gracie like all the other female Rotts at Washburn Farms offers a great structure, excellent markings, and is growing into a strong female. Gracie’s disposition is wonderful. Equally important, she is smart! When she is in the kennel and she wants out, she if very quick to unlatch the door. Since Gracie was a puppy, she spent quite a bit of time in the house when she first came. She does exhibit some human-like traits.

All of our litters can be registered with AKC.