Female Rottweiler Breeders

Our focus is to work with top of the line champion bloodlines with an emphasis on structure and, or course, the eye appeal of amazing head productions.   These standout qualities start with awesome pedigrees.  Great pedigrees coupled with excellent family care produces outstanding show prospects that are admired by seasoned breeders.

Female – Tara Od Dammnjanovica

Tara Female Rottweiler
JLLP Clear

Female – Roxy

Rott Female - Roxy
JLLP Clear

Female – Klara

Rottweiler from Serbia
JLLP Clear – Klara Pedigree

Female – Gracie

Gracie Female Rottweiler
Gracie was born is Serbia and came to Washburn Farms as a puppy. Gracie will be old enough to breed in the Spring of 2020. Gracie Pedigree

New Females to Washburn Farms

Females – Gricka &

Nikita Rottweiler
Nikita is the mother of Gricka, Grazie and Gracie. We got Gracie when she was 8 weeks old. We are so pleased with how she looked and we loved her personality, that we bought her litter mates. JLLP Clear