About two months ago, my brother-in-law mentioned that he had switched his Rottweiler over to a raw dog food. I immediately thought this was not a good idea, because I have seen other Rottweilers on the a raw diet and did not think that they looked as good as they should. But when he talked about what it did to decrease the bowel movements and the type of bowel movement, I started to listen and inquire.

Our Rottweiler Feeding Program

I spent the next three weeks doing research on the new food. I called the owner of the dog food company, did research online, talked to vets and other people I consider to be knowledgeable on dog health. My wife and I drove to Evansville with a cooler and picked up a week or two worth of raw dog food.

The first test was if the Rottweilers would eat it. They all loved the raw food except for one. My picky 1-year-old insisted that her food be browned. In the beginning of the new feeding program, I kept the Rottweiler (s) on the food that I had been feeding. I kept a careful eye on the them to make sure that they were not gaining too much or losing weight. It wasn’t long before my wife and I headed over to Evansville to get more raw food.

Puppy Growth

Our Results with Rottweiler

  1. Our adult Rottweilers are maintaining their weight and are healthy.
  2. Growing puppies like Wren and Willow in the photos above are growing as expected. (Not too quickly or too slowly.)
  3. The litter of puppies that we started them at three weeks are healthy and growing as expected. We have had less problems with loose bowels and other gut issues with this litter. I have wormed them and as of now have not seen a showing of worms.
  4. The most impressive and surprising results that we have had is the decrease in POOP. (When you have as many Rotts as we do, one can expect having bowel movements to deal with. ) Remmie and Herc’s litter of nine puppies has been the easiest litter to date. Simply because of the new food program. In the past, we were changing paper out four to five times a day. By the time that a litter of puppies was seven week, my wife and I were exhausted from cleaning up POOP.

Raw Food Diet – Bowel Movement

I normally don’t go around taking pictures of dog waste, but the new food has made such a difference in the work load of keeping kennel and pens clean. Kibble, dry dog food, has fillers and product that acts as sugar leaving bowel movements much more in volume. (I have not taken all kibble from all of my dogs yet, as I am still watching to make sure that they all remain healthy for a while longer before getting rid of my kibble altogether. ) The photo of the bowel movement below is from one of the adult Rotts that is entirely on raw food.

The Science Behind Raw Food

If you think about it, wolves survive in the wild on raw meat. While a wolf in the wild may not look as nourished and healthy as our pets do, they are able to survive pending a proper food supply. Dogs are carnivores and their systems are meant to digest raw meats. By nature, they are scavengers, opportunist, and will even eat carrion. (decaying animals) The backs and necks of an animal give them the bone content. The raw diet food that we are feeding contains a percent of bone, very similar to what animals in nature consume.

Close to half of the families that we sell to have lost a dog to cancer. Why is that? I am no veterinarian or a doctor, but I believe it has to be one of two things. It is either yard chemicals or their food. I don’t know that animals in the wild are dying of cancer, but our beloved Rottweilers are.

For more information on the raw diet dog food and the science behind it, go to Shabang’s Natural Diet.

We take pride in our Rottweilers and the quality of our puppies. Our stud males are strong but not overweight. Our males weigh about 120 pounds and our female Rottweilers weigh around 90 pounds. With breeding females and pregnancy it is a little more difficult to keep a female at their optimum weight and the quality of food that you feed them become essential to maintaining a healthy weight. A fit Rottweiler will be a healthy Rottweiler.

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  1. I am so glad you made the switch to a raw diet. I got my pup from you almost 2 years ago (nov 4th 2017) and he has been on a raw diet since that day. I lost my previous 2 dogs to cancer and tainted food so I did a ton of research before making the switch and now I would never go back to kibble. The biggest difference i see, besides the stools, is how fit and healthy he is. There are a lot of fat rotts out there but my guy looks amazing. Perfect size while still being 100+lb, shiny coat, minimal shedding, and full of energy. I get tons of comments when were out about how gorgeous he is. People have stopped their cars while in traffic to ask about him and what I feed him. Being that he also has a serious heart condition I needed a diet with the least amount of byproducts. He doesnt need anything aggravating an already compromise body. He has never had an upset stomach, diarrhea, or ANY issues with his food. However, the commercial raw diets available are expensive, around $400 a month for this guy! If the place by you is a better deal i will drive down and pick up a month or 2 worth of food. Hes worth it. How much do you feed your guys and whats the cost? My guy eats around 2.5 to 3 lb a day. And another pound in stolen socks. ?

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