To make a decision to get a family pet is not one that should be made quickly without careful consideration of how the pet will fit into your family or your lifestyle. Like a child, a puppy will require care, money, supervision and love. A person or family might first consider what type of animal fits their (our) situation best…. a cat, dog, fish or hamster. Once a decision is made, then what type of dog best fits our family requires even more thought with all the breeds that are available. Therefore, it is a great idea to do research and get know the Rottweiler breed for a great fit for your family.

Qualities of a Rottweiler: Knowing the Breed

In order to know the Rottweiler breed, consider their best qualities.

  • Smart and easily trainable
  • Can be trained WHEN TO BE in protection mode and when NOT to be in protection mode
  • Rottweilers were bred to work for, protect and please their owner
  • Majestic loving creature
  • Can adapt to most climates
  • Needs exercise
  • Rotts will shed unless brushed
  • Early training is a must
  • Excellent family dog

Words of caution about a Rottweiler:

When getting to know the Rottweiler breed, one should consider the strengths as well as weaknesses of the breed.

  • over breeding has caused weak bones (this is why hip rating is so important-ask your breeder for hip quality papers before buying your puppy)
  • Early training is a must if the puppy is to make a good pet as an adult
  • Must have exercise to develop healthy bones and joints
  • Diet is important – too much protein too soon will lead growth spurts causing bad hips and joints (this is true of all large dogs)
  • Over feeding can cause an adult dog to become heavy and cause hip problems
Physical Characteristic of a Rott

Sites for Researching the Rottweiler Breed:

For Characteristics and Facts: Dog Time

Information on Socializing a Puppy: Animal Humane Society

For Nutrition Information: Shebang’s Natural Diet

Photos of Physical Characteristics: Breeding Females, Stud Males, and Puppies that are just too cute!

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