Too often I see pictures of our Rottweilers that are under developed or over fed. Both of these circumstances can lead to a shortened life span. Feeding your Rott well is key.

Feeding a Rottweiler Puppy

Let’s address overfeeding your Rottweiler first. As a puppy it will be difficult to over feed them because Rottweiler puppies are so active and grow so quickly. Therefore, it is crucial to feed your Rott a good quality dog food that is designed specifically for large breed puppies. Feeding your Rottweiler puppy small meals several times a day will benefit your puppy because they do not have large stomachs. Multiple feedings a day allows their stomachs to be full and a readily available source of food for their growing needs. Three meals a day is probably the best for your puppy.

Do the Research

Research the quality of the dog food your are feeding your Rottweiler at Dog Food Advisor. Not all dog foods ae created equal. In addition to proper feeding, viewing your puppies profile on a daily basis is the best measure for maintaining a healthy weight. For more information on developing your dog’s weight, go to How to Gain a Healthy Weight. This article illustrates exactly the side profile you are looking to achieve in your pet.

Rottweiler puppies eating

So here is the focus of this article: how much to feed a Rottweiler. The recommendations on the side of the bag of dog food is a guideline. So therefore if your Rott weighs 50 pounds and you are feeding him a ration for a 50 pound puppy, it will be difficult for him to obtain his ideal weight three months down the road when he/she is still being fed a ration for a 50 pound dog.

This is subject to plenty of discussion, but I am going to simplify your puppy’s growth chart. When your Rott puppy is four months old, he should weigh 40 pounds. When he/she is five month, he should weigh 50 pounds etc… This is the targeted progress up to 12 months at a weight of 100 pounds for a male. A targeted weight for a female at 12 months should be more around 80 pounds. Since boys continue to mature until they are 4-5 years of age, a person would want to use the balance of that time to produce a male that weighs about 120 pounds. Consequently, these numbers are the weight to achieve with the genetics of our dogs here at Washburn Farms. See our female breeders and stud males for examples of recommended weight for our genetics.

Dealing with Appetite Changes

Appetite changes are typical for a Rottweiler puppy, but an extended appetite change must be addressed. Typically, a male puppy will stop eating when male hormones start kicking in. They get distracted and eating stops. When a male or female Rott stops eating, we will start changing up their diet to stimulate their appetite.

Appetite stimulation can be accomplished by adding hard boiled eggs to their diet to stimulate the taste buds. Other possibilities are adding a no salt chicken broth along with their food, plain yogurt or pumpkin. As a real special treat we will give them a cured ham hock. Ham hocks can be found in a grocery store. The Rotts love ham hock day and will eat on them for over an hour. However when making these changes in their diet, do not make abrupt changes. Add one item to their diet at a time. This will eliminate the possibility of developing gut issues.

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