Eggs -The Healthy “Pre-Packaged” Treat

Eight years ago, we started raising our own chickens to supply eggs for our family and our Rottweilers. Eggs make a healthy pre-packaged Rottweiler treat.

Why eggs healthy treats for your Rott?

As prospective customers visit our farm, they are amazed that we feed the whole hard boiled egg to our Rottweilers. One common concerns are, “Aren’t you concerned about increasing the risk of heart disease in your dogs, an increase in digestive problems and salmonella?” To this question I say, “That is nonsense.”

Our approach to feeding our Rotts come from the same reasoning as feeding our dogs a raw diet, a more natural source of food. As with our personal diet, we are staying away from processed food. The American Hear Association recommends staying away from processed foods for a healthier life style for human and their pets.

The natural egg is a far cry from processed food. The egg is a complete package of nutrients as a healthy treat or side dish for your Rotti. There is enough nutrition in an egg to grow a chick in twenty-one days. (Which if you have never hatched your own eggs, it is a great experience. )

healthy treats make healthy Rotts

What’s so good about an egg?

According to WebMD and other experts in nutrition, eggs are a are packed full of Vitamin B, D A and a great source of the body building supplement protein. Don’t peal this muscle building, amino acid treat! Yes, feed the shell to make it a healthy treat for your Rott. It is a great source of calcium for the teeth and bones. You got it, the egg is a low calorie, high protein design that is “pre-packaged” for the freshness. In 2000, the AHA “laid” to rest the bad reputation the egg obtained from studies two decades ago.

Keeping this delicious treat around is not hard at all. Boil or Insta-Pot the eggs once a week and feed them throughout the week. (AKC recommend feeding them to your dog cooked and not raw.) Your dog will thank you because they like the taste of the egg. The Rottweiler will probably not be aware of the hair coat shine they have as a result of eating eggs. Eggs are inexpensive and they are good for your Rott, making them the healthy treat for your Rottweiler.

As with any new food, introduce the food slowly into their diet and monitor any changes in behavior or their bowel movements.

Farm Eggs Vs. Store Eggs

I would also like to recommend for you and your families’ well-being that you support your organic chicken farmers that will produce a GMO free egg. While there is some controversy over Non GMO and organic, there is no comparison in the quality of a home grown egg. Do your own test and crack one from a store and a home grown egg in the same skillet and you can see the difference. Whether store bought or home grown, eggs are good for your Rottweiler. When someone questions why you feed an egg to your dog, just tell then you know “egg-xactly” what you are doing.

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