Rottweiler Puppy Future Matings

Summer Matings 2020

Mating 1 – Tara & Gebi

Tara and Gebi Breeding

Tara is a female that was imported from Serbia. This female came to Washburn Farms when she was a year and a half old. Tara has a strong looking body, a great headset, mahogany markings and a personality that is loved when people visit our farm. Each Rott that we have on the farm has their own unique personalities. Tara prances when she walks, loves to do her “trick” and is a loyal gentle female. Tara’s and Gebi should make an excellent mating for great Rottweiler puppies.

Gebi is one of two stud males that we keep on our farm. He is a litter mate to three of our females. (Obviously, I like this genetic line.) He just came to us from Serbia early in 2020. He is a large male with a very masculine head, masculine body frame and great coloring. The primary reason I keep this genetic line is the consistency of their genetics in their offspring. Gebi is really warming up to his new environment and has an excellent disposition.

Spring Rottweiler Puppies
This was my wife’s attempt to get great puppy photos when the weather was cold in March of 2019. It was a great idea. They were good looking puppies, they just didn’t feel like doing what she wanted them to do. No Adobe Photoshop needed in these pictures!

Mating 2- Dea & Gebi

Dea and Gebi Breeding

As expected with this kind of genetics and proper nutrition, these puppies will be awesome.

Mating 3 – Klara & Hercules

Klara and Hercules Mating

When this litter is born, the first two weeks are crucial. This means checking on them every two hours and making sure that every puppy gets fed. Consequently, this means getting up in the night. My wife and I split this duty. Once the puppies reach four weeks, the fun begins. The Rottweiler puppies start to get playful. As a family, we spend a great deal of time socializing the puppies.

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Our Rottweiler puppies are generally spoken for at birth. We only take reservations for 5 puppies in a litter. Therefore, if we get a large litter, we may have some available at birth.