One Female Available

This female is available for immediate placement. She was originally placed, but due to a sudden heath issue of the buyer, they can’t take this puppy. She is ready for immediate placement. She is beautiful, has a great temperament, and is ready now.

Dea and Vendetta

Two females available for June placement. Call Kevin @ 618-838-8306 to reserve one of these females.

Dea and Vendetta are both from Serbia. Dea came over in May of 2019 bred to Vendetta. Vendetta is a champion male in Serbia. We have had puppies from other females bred to Vendetta and they were beautiful Rotts that were placed into home in May and June.

Litter Born June 19, 2019

Remmie and Hercules

We reserved four puppies, but she had a larger litter so we will have males and females available in this litter. They are strong healthy little puppies. They will be massive Rotts.

Remmie Hercules
Remmie was a few days away from delivering a large litter of puppies. I think this shows on her face. We love Remmie. She has been on of ours from birth and is a gentle giant for a female. Hercules has an excellent disposition and is a large boned Rott as well.

Hercules and Remmie are both very large boned Rottweilers with a very strong head structure. Both Rottweilers have excellent personalities and have been raised on Washburn Farms.