Rottweiler Puppies for Sale

This is Klara, she is currently in Serbia and will be coming to Washburn Farms bred. Klara has great structure, a nice strong looking head, eye appeal with a great disposition. Klara comes from the same breeder as Nikita, Tara & Dea, Niko, and Night. Also, we have Gracie who is not pictured on our webpage that is from this bloodline that we will be breeding when she is 2 years old. All of the Rottweilers that we have on our farm out from our breeder in Serbia have excellent dispositions.

When this litter is born, the first two weeks are crucial. This means checking on them every two hours and making sure that every puppy gets fed. Consequently, this means getting up in the night. My wife and I split this duty. Once the puppies reach four weeks, the fun begins. The Rottweiler puppies start to get playful. As a family, we spend a great deal of time socializing the puppies.

Current Breeding: Klara & Giby

Klara – Dam

Female Rottweiler
Klara is a female Rottweiler that has been bred and will be shipped to us once pregnancy is confirmed by a veterinarian. However, you will want to reserve a puppy now.


Stud Rottweiler

Geri is a massive male that is used as a stud for Milan Sibincic. Clearly, you can see his strong bone structure, coloring and head structure. Along with Klara’s strong features, this litter of puppies will be great puppies. Unquestionably, these puppies will make a great addition to your home.

This massive male will stay in Serbia with Milan. However, his Rottweiler puppies will be available to you. With this kind of genetics and proper nutrition, these puppies will be awesome.

Reserve your puppy, call Kevin Washburn @ 618-838-8206. Our Rottweiler puppies are generally spoken for at birth. We only take reservations for 5 puppies in a litter. Therefore, if we get a large litter, we may have some available at birth.

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