Our History as a Rottweiler Breeder

Welcome to our web home, Washburn Farms.   We trust you will enjoy our site. Being a Rottweiler breeder is not my job, but instead is our passion. We believe we produce quality Rottweiler puppies to add to your family.

Puppies love children.

Our Rottweiler adventure started over 35 years ago.  This Rottweiler’s name was Ike, and he was a true family companion. I can say, from first hand experience, there is something special about a Rottweiler. The sincere loyalty and protective nature of the Rottweiler towards his family is remarkable.  These are the qualities that I admire the most in a Rottweiler.  My daughter loves how the “way too large of dog for your lap” tries to get on her lap.  She will tell you their lovability is their most outstanding quality.  As with our family, I know the special nature of these fine animals will work themselves into your heart. 

Great puppies start with great genetics.

Looking for a Rottweiler companion is an exciting aspect of becoming an owner.  While looking, focus on the bloodlines and your puppy’s beginnings.  Visit the kennel, view the parents, and be resolved to identify conformation characteristics as well as temperament.  The old adage, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” does hold merit.  Consequently, we recommend that a buyer review contract guarantees and be ensured that the breeder offers support for any of your concerns and enjoyment you are experiencing with your new Rottweiler.  Take time to look over our stud males and our females. Enjoy your adventure; it will be rewarding. In my opinion, we are one of the top Rottweiler breeders in Illinois.  

Our Rott Family

Kevin Washburn

Our focus as a quality Rottweiler breeder in Illinois is to work with top of the line champion bloodlines with an emphasis on structure and, or course, the eye appeal of amazing head productions.   These standout qualities start with awesome pedigrees.  Therefore, great pedigrees coupled with excellent family care produces outstanding show prospects that are admired by seasoned breeders.

Kevin is the one who has the vision for Washburn Farms. Because he loves Rottweilers and raising Rotts is his passion, we produce families great Rottweiler puppies.

My Vision

Kevin takes care of the dogs and I am in charge of the webpage and photography. Kevin loves Rotts and I love taking pictures, so this gig works out well for both of us. (However, I might add that Kevin is not a very patient assistant with my photo shoots. ) I have collected some amazingly cute photos over the years. undoubtedly, there are too many to keep on our page. Hence, go to our photo gallery to see some Rottweiler cuteness.

Our Strength as a Rottweiler Breeder:

As parents of three children (and my wife is an educator/technology coach in an elementary building), we know the importance that the first few years of a child’s life. In the same way, a child that has been treated well and loved is very easy for a Kindergarten teacher to teach and enjoy. Consequently, the same is true of a puppy. As a Rottweiler breeder, we feel that we socialize our puppies in the first 8 weeks. Therefore, making a puppy eager for the love and attention of their new home. Clearly, a puppy will require the same attention from their new owners.