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Rottweiler Breeder in Illinois

We are a Rottweiler breeder in Illinois. At Washburn Farms, we have imported bloodlines and produce excellent puppies. Washburn Farms places an emphasis on structure, head production, eye appeal and most importantly great disposition. As a result, by the time our families pick up their puppies at eight weeks, their new family member has been well socialized. Generally, our puppies are spoken for at birth, visit current breedings. Our puppies are primarily sold in Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

Our farm is located in Olney, Illinois. We take great pride in our home and the quality of Rottweiler puppies that we place in homes. See us on Facebook and Instagram as Kevin Washburn. Check up out on social media to find out about the families that have bought a Rottweiler puppy from us. It is great to see our puppies grow and we love seeing their birthday photos on Facebook.

rottweiler puppies
Spring is a great time to bring a new family member into your home. Potty training is much easier in nice weather.

4 Female Puppies Ready for Placement!

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New Policies – October 2021

  1. We have significantly reduced the number of litters we are having in a year.

2. We do not take reservations until we have a confirmed breeding.

3. With each year, we have been receiving more request for puppies with tails. Our future litters will only have tails.

4. Our puppies will be sold with limited registration, no breeding rights.

#1 Our Mission: Quality Rottweiler Puppies

Breeding Rottweilers is a passion and not our primary occupation. I own Color Your World in Olney, Illinois and my wife is a technology coach for an elementary school. When we have a litter of puppies, it keeps us both busy. We usually average 6 to 8 litters a year. Washburn Farms produces quality puppies in these litters. We have imported our bloodlines and we only keep the Rotts that meet our expectations. Consequently, if there is a characteristic that we do not like in a breeder, we do not keep them for breeding purposes. We definitely like the strong structure of our Rotts which can easily be seen. However, the disposition of the Rott is of even greater priority.

#2. Our Core Values and Strength:

At Washburn Farms, we are dedicated to improving or maintaining the quality of our Rottweiler puppies. In addition, we treat people the way we would want to be treated. This may be answering a potential buyers questions, or help after the puppy has been placed in a home. Come and see us and make sure we are who we say we are. We strongly suggest that potential buyers visit our farm. A Rottweiler puppy is going to be a member of your family and a person should be able to trust their breeder. We also can give many names of people that have purchased our puppies in the past. Facebook is another way to learn more about our values and strengths. Recently, we had a Rottweiler Family Reunion to reconnect with a few of our former Rott families.

Contact Kevin Washburn @

#3 Our Unique Services and Products:

We breed and sell Rottweilers, but most importantly we love what we do. In the last 8 years, we have built a sitting room off of our garage to better serve our buyers. When a buyer comes to pick up their puppies, we let the entire litter and the mother loose in the sitting room. The families have the opportunity to sit in the middle of the floor and play with all the puppies. It is recommended not to wear your best clothes. Our new sitting room is furnished with metal furniture for this reason. One of the most rewarding aspects of breeding Rottweilers is the diverse group of people that we have met and keep in touch with. Diverse group of people with a common love of the breed.

#4 Proper Placement of Our Puppies

As with most decisions that a family will make, doing your homework ahead of time is important. Do the research and make sure you are getting a great dog. Clearly as a breeder, we recommend starting with great genetics.

One question a family might ask themselves is “Is a Rottweiler the best dog for us?” Rottweilers are a beautiful dog, but they are not for everyone. They are a large dog and they require training. Our Rottweilers are very smart and are easy to train. However, a Rottweiler will need training and consistency as with children and all dogs. We recommend for first time owners of a Rott to read up on training or take them to formal training. Training at the beginning, whether by the owner or formal training will make a great dog and best friend.

As a potential owner, study the breed before purchasing. Therefore, we recommend that a person know about the adaptability, all around friendliness, health, grooming and their trainability.

To see more cute Rottweiler photos, check out our photo gallery.

Cost of our Rottweiler Puppies: $2500